You should never let a Crisis go waste

By Aravind G

When Rahm Emanuel, then President Obama Chief of Staff, said, “You should never let a serious crisis go to waste,” he was channeling Winston Churchill and the economist Joseph Schumpeter.

      I have been studying the spread of fear and social unrest by analyzing social media in crisis contexts, particularly around the COVID-19 pandemic.

      This should give us an idea of the characteristics, perhaps universal, that occur in these types of tumultuous events — whether massive shifts in employment from one sector to another.

Resilience has long been a central theme at DeepGrid; like the 2008 financial crisis, this pandemic provides an opportunity to articulate the factors underlying robustness in technological prowess, economic sustainability and other innovative creative systems.

      We belive communication systems in general strengthen that resilience and video communication in particular give the feeling of "being with that person" hence reduce geographic isolation problem.

      So an underlying platform of video communication in these times was good starting point and creating a platform for everyone across sectors, was sound idea , I felt.

      Beyond our response to the pandemic itself lie the longer-term effects, including new opportunities — technical, economic, and otherwise. The deeper the crisis, the greater the subsequent opportunities, and the greater the possibility of shaping these opportunities.

Hence tutorgrid, healthgrid, vgrid and many more. Now that the context is set for us at deepgrid. Going deep into our resorviour of emotions, strenth and creativity brings out the solutions.

      Our social circles are a crucial source of information about many things. What behaviors are useful in the current environment? What is expected and what is possible?

      Relying on our family, friends, and colleagues to answer such questions is usually a good idea. Using the collective wisdom of people who are similar to us and who live in similar circumstances can be a quick shortcut to solving a variety of problems in our own daily lives. Using a powerful video conferencing solution for collective decision making & brainstorming new ideas and solutions.

      Moreover, we tend to seek people who are similar to us, as video conferencing typically enhances coordination and cooperation ,this inturn helps to avoid costly conflict & mistakes.